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 WorkShop Theater Company
 in association with
Quade Productions, Ltd.


Directed by Jonathan Pereira
Originally created by Michael Martin

Cast: Dan Patrick Brady, Cecily Benjamin, KellyAnne Burns, Anne Fizzard, Richard Kent Green, Mike Smith Rivera and Tracy Shar
(Cast members may change, week-to-week)

For info and reservations 
go to: www.workshoptheater.org

The Words You Were Never Meant To Hear...Uncensored!

An ever-changing revue of staged, word-for-word transcripts of noted people (and some ordinary folks) saying things they never meant the public to hear: surveillance tapes, secretly recorded conversations, forgotten open mics, on-camera diatribes, released e-mails, etc. We have over three hundred different pieces (and more are being added all the time)...so no performance is like the one before!

The show has had successful runs in Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, New Orleans, and New York

"A smartened-up National Enquirer." --TimeOut Chicago

"This show delivers the raw goods. Deeply funny and just plain disturbing."
--The New York Observer

Jonathan Pereira, long time host of the Chicago run of Verbatim Verboten, hosts and directs this outrageous comedy with a rotating cast of WorkShop Theater members and a monthly guest.

Go to www.WorkShopTheater.org