Chatting with the Tea Party

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"It's rare to be part of a project from the initial idea to its first professional production. I'm honored to have been involved with Chatting with the Tea Party since it was Rich's newest excuse for a road trip."  - Richard Kent Green

About the Play

CHATTING WITH THE TEA PARTY is not an anti-Tea Party play.

CHATTING WITH THE TEA PARTY is not a pro-Tea Party play.

CHATTING WITH THE TEA PARTY is about one person’s journey across America exploring the question, “Who are these people?”

CHATTING WITH THE TEA PARTY is a documentary-style play by Rich Orloff about a New York liberal playwright who decides to travel around the country interviewing leaders of local Tea Party groups, to get to know people whose political beliefs are diametrically opposed to his.  For a year the playwright attended Tea Party meetings and events in cities large and small in every region of the country.

CHATTING WITH THE TEA PARTY shapes the highlights of over 63 hours of interviews plus notes from events the playwright attended to create a play that strives to go beyond soundbites and stereotypes to show the people behind the politics.

In a journey that’s at times disturbing, humorous, moving, and always thought-provoking, the playwright discovers not only how and if he can affect the people he meets, but also how they may be influencing him.

Everything the interviewees say in the play come directly from the interviews.

A finalist for both the Woodward/Newman New Play Award and the NuVoices New Play Prize.

"John E. Brady, Maribeth Graham and Richard Kent Green do an excellent job of portraying both liberals and Tea Party advocates."
- The Huffington Post

“...dozens of characters that come alive that might be your next door neighbor or your friend.”
- Applause! Applause!

"... the multifaceted nature of people, who can be outrageously crazy and narrow-minded but also surprisingly kind, well-spoken and passionate about their ideals ...
gamely played by John E. Brady, Maribeth Graham, and Richard Kent Green."
- Stage Buddy

​ “Three actors – John E. Brady, Maribeth Graham and
Richard Kent Green -- play all the interview subjects
and a few historical figures. Each delivers a consistently
strong and dynamic performance.”
- Theater Online

"One of the best scripts of the season, Broadway or Off. 
Timely, powerful and refreshing.  Sharp humor.
... keeps us engaged as the skilled actors walk in and out of personas."
- Reflections in the Light