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STANLEY CUBA - Starring Mike Burbiglia

A rectangular black obelisk, intellectual property lawyers from hell, five Brooklyn bands, aesthetic transcendence through selling out, and a lot of Stanley Kubrick references

Written and directed by Per Anderson, Produced by Ari Taub.

Cast: Mike Birbiglia, Adrian Martinez, Melissa Silver, John Ramaine, Danny Asher, Lars Engstrom, Barry Phillips, Bill Barnett, Kasey Marr, Patrice Bunch, Jessica Leventhal, Richard Kent Green, Jana Robbins, David Ellner, Mile Rupcic, Anthony Caso


Crew: Cinematographer: Ian Dudley - Original Score: Anne Kadet - Costumer: Kay Anna Lee - Makeup: David Presto - Production Design: Stuart Levy, Victor Medina, Jennifer Breen, Tamara Luzeckyj - Supervising Sound Editor: Matt Rocker - Additional music by Submarine Fleet, Gaijin A Go Go, Matt Rocker

Official Selections 2007: Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Milan International Film Festival, Brooklyn International Film Festival, Faux Film Fest

Dr. Copy

Richard Kent Green plays Dr. Copy, a parody of Dr. Stranglove himself.

After he auditioned for the film, the role was written into the script for him.

Click on the photo to see the scene: