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“Our favorite neighborhood band.”

- W42ST Magazine


“Fantastic combination of sounds and clever repertoire!”
 – Larry Spivak, composer / musician


Positively 8th Street Festival - 8/18

HONK FEST - Downtown Brooklyn 10/27/18


A History of Unintended Consequences


   In 2015, two brass players  ̶  Alan Gilbert, tuba, and Tom McHugh, trombone  ̶  met playing in marching bands for parades. Tom also plays the Euphonium (a tenor tuba) and they began busking in NYC subway stations, playing their own duo arrangements of easily recognizable tunes from a wide variety of eras and styles, under the name 2Budz (Tubas, 2 Buds). They soon realized they could expand their repertoire greatly  ̶  and add a lot to their sound  ̶  with a rhythm string instrument, so they invited Alan's long-time acquaintance and sometime musical colleague, Richard Green (banjolele), into the group. The trio needed a new name, and they were inspired to exploit the unintended consequences of how they came together. With the final addition of Matt Baker (another of Alan’s colleagues) on percussion in 2016, the band was complete.


   With original arrangements by Alan and Tom, they’ve developed over three hours of music  ̶  a thoroughly entertaining variety of instrumental tunes from Broadway, Tin Pan Alley and Pop, including well-known composers & songwriters from the last hundred years, plus TV, movie, and even video game themes. Unintended Consequences can transform a city park or subway station into an impromptu party, as people stop to listen, dance and sing along to the music.


   Speaking of parties, Unintended Consequences has been contracted to play for birthday parties, graduation parties, and civic events. They’ve even played for impromptu wedding parties in Washington Square Park. Their eclectic mix of musical styles and playful presentation makes for a fun event of any kind. And kids love them!


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Washington Square Park - summer of 18


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In the summer of 2017, Randy Witherspoon saw Unintended Consequences playing in the subway at 50th Street (the C station) and exclaimed "You're the sound of my restaurant!"
We asked, "What restaurant?" and he replied, "The one I'm going to open this fall."
Unintended Consequences has been playing at SpoonfedNYC since that November.
The food is great, the ambience is relaxed and homey.
Bring the gang - bring the kids!