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Richard Kent Green
212-265-5250 (cell)
Height: 5'10"    Vocal Range: Bari-Tenor (G2-Bb4)

Giselle's Heart (mini-feature)            Lead                                     DaddyB Prod.     Mark Bruner, Dir.
Got This (short)                                  Supporting                 Sat. Aft. Pix       Susan Barry, Dir.
Thoughts on Isabelle Eberhardt   Supporting
                  Jay Anania       Jay Anania, Dir
Stanley Cuba                                     Supporting                 Openline           Per Anderson, Dir
The Fallen                                          Supporting                 WWII Prod.     Ari Taub, Dir

Kitty Bainbridge Is Dead (short)     Supporting                 EB Prod            Joyia Bradley, Dir
The Butcher (short)                              Lead                         NYFA Thesis   Trevor Rickner, Dir 
The Vanishing (PSA)                          Principle                    ABC                   Spike Lee, Dir

Chatting with the Tea Party       Various (Orig Cast)             Real Theater Prods    Lynnette Barkley, Dir
Einstein                                          Albert Einstein                      St. Clements Theater Randolph Curtis Rand, Dir
Play To Win                                   Branch Rickey                       Promenade Theater  
Reggie Life, Dir

The Sixth Commandment           Father Richard                     Best of NYFringe        
Kathleen Brant, Dir
Life on the Mississippi                        John Malloy                                      Workshop Theater      Susanna Frazer, Dir.

Night Circus – Clown – The WorkShop Theater
Vaudeville Nouveau An Extravaganza of Burlesque Proportions - Singer/Comic/Co-host - The WorkShop
Verbatim Verboten NYC - Original New York Cast - The WorkShop Theater*
Int'l Performance & Prod. - Comic/Clown - NYC Improv & Corporate Performance Art Group
John Jay Criminal College - Staff Actor - Special Training Unit for NYPD & EMS

Acting - 2 yrs, Clyde Vinson Studio; 3 yrs, HB Studios; Univ. of Tenn., Knoxville
Voice - Kate Agresta, Clyde Vinson
Clown - Fool School Academy, Mike Smith Rivera ("Mr. Clown")

Dialects & Accents (really), Sight-Sing Music (ukulele, banjo-uke), Cold Reading, Light Combat, Moves Well.

ALSO - NYS Driver's License; Valid Passport; The WorkShop Theater Company Artist since 2002